zaterdag 3 maart 2012

First post!

Hey there, and welcome to my humble blog! Here I will share my thoughts, pics, buys, most of the time Gyaru/Gal Oriented. I'm in a Dutch Gyaru-Sa Called HYPER and i really enjoy hanging around with my girls every now and then! Since we live scattered all across the country we dont see each other often, but when we do have a meet-up, its always super-fun <3

The HYPER group @ Int' Gal meet 07/11, Amsterdam

Previous thursday my best friend Eva came over to my new appartment in The Hauge. We did some shopping, where i saw shoes that were prettyyyyy~~ Steve Madden ftw! ( I also love my own pair or shiny plateau's)

And i fiddled with some makeup in the H&M store. My mobile phone makes crappy pics, but i really loved the blue shade!

I should buy a makeup palette.. i dont really have any funky colors ( well i DO have this super intense 'jungle' palette.. somewhere... in the house.)

Once home we ate delicious sweet potato fries and watched LOTR, all cuddled up in p'jamas accompanied by some herbal tea.

Thats it for now! Ill blab later about these awesome vegan applemuffins i made tonight!

Or i'll just eat them.

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